The move!

It happens again the big move,in our head this is how we want like to move countries every 2 years but it’s just not possible nor is that easy.But it happened, and I am back to being unemployed again and it’s time to study whilst I recover from the trauma of not being anymore in one of the most happening  and fashionable city in the world. Well we had our reasons,the pros were just too many to say no to USA. This is our latest obsession -making a list of pros and cons, it all started when I had too many jobs ( yeah there was such a time too in my life) in my hand.

Anyways so we no longer live in London and I have left my job rejected a work visa and here i am sitting in a gloomy room surrounded with books, a cup of tea ( this cold has made me a tea addict i tell you) as i try to figure out some credential stuff . I could have done this a month back and i kind of started it too but then you know someone Trumped (you get the drift right )and i wasn’t sure of the visa ,considering my surname and it sometimes doesn’t make me Smile ( bad joke well yeah) and can be a disappointment( I am never going to change it no matter who trumps).Well i got the visa ,there are a only few (very few) perks of working in big companies , it just happens to be one of them.

So I am back to my very very lazy self, I am like a super woman when i work and I am the exact opposite when i don’t. This ability of mine not only surprises my husband but me too.When i am working I will get up early ,make breakfast pack my lunch , and go to work which was unbelievably hectic(and I cannot treat a patient and do something else i am pretty bad at multi tasking like that so my work was almost double )-i used to take the notes on paper and then type the report on the system( i miss hospital :(, its crazy out there ).

The last 2 months have been stressful with all the moving stuff going on,my super hectic job and me trying to keep my sane. So much so then i didn’t even feel like traveling to Europe for the last time as a resident of UK.Hectic days are a thing of the past so to say but i find myself to be busier when i’m at home.I don’t how it happens but i’m always upto something. I cannot help but get up early  and i can never sleep in the afternoons, and then there is so much to do.The only thing i hate doing when at home is cooking ,it somehow becomes the thing of the person at home so i cannot scream at my husband for not cooking .Well he is a sweetheart he eats whatever i serve him and only encourages me to do constructive stuff so let me not try to badnaam him.But the right of screaming at him for no food has been taken away from me.That’s our ghar ki kahani at the moment and that reminds me we don’t have a ghar at the moment.

Let me tell you the 2 most stressful parts of moving  – moving itself and house hunting.It’s traumatic. Apart from the cleaning bit which i didn’t have to do in India.We were cleaning our house for 4-5 days in-spite of paying for getting it professionally cleaned ,apparently it should be ready to get cleaned. We had to give our one day trip to Paris a miss coz there was so much cleaning to do and we ended up cleaning till 3am on our last day only to get up early in the morning and start thrashing everything away without even giving it a second thought.Now you know what we were doing on our last day-making our house ready to be cleaned professionally.We should have been paid 200 pounds and not some Maria.

Let’s do some cribbing now as if i was doing something else till now, lets do a bit more .. I have been eating my friends and husbands head a lot.I never imagined saying this but I miss London-the madness there. You are not always a part of it but you know there is always something happening and there is a possibility of  you being there. It’s not the same here. I am constantly telling my husband that USA reminds me of Grimsby(coz there is hardly any crowd and all the cafes shut by 7) or Bangalore( concrete jungle and too many offices) – a bit of exaggeration there .  Everything said and done London is prettier but then we had made a list remember.

Coming to fashion now,one of my UK friend visited US and told me she doesn’t like American fashion, i was like hmmm ok. Now i know what she meant, i was the only girl ( bit of exaggeration again)roaming in an overcoat and people couldn’t help but notice and compliment.  The number of compliments I have been getting for my clothes and bags is unbelievable. I had heard and now i have seen it’s very casual here not that i mind but i am too used to seeing a well dressed crowd , one of fav hobby happens to be people watching sigh…And to add to my agony ,my go to brand- Zara is more expensive here and New look doesn’t even exist here( forget miss selfridges and topshop) . I realised all the brands i loved were UK or europe based.I terribly miss Ted Baker.

US  is all about deals and never in my entire life have i been so put off by designer brands – the site of bags(  kate spade,Mk ,coach,rebbecca minkoff,tory burch) piled on one another (was such a put off )and there is always some deal going on,not that they are any cheap but just lost the charm of it all.It will take sometime for me to get over it. The other thing i noticed was all the stores giving you credit and discounts, in London you don’t need that people will buy it any which way deal or no deal,good or bad that’s London for you.

There is so much to rant about-fashion,city,events. Things will get back to normal , the only thing i’m going to miss is the British accent. I don’t mind the American accent but the british accent is like so much sexier and I’m like totally smitten by it( that’s how americans talk ) .

Never in my wildest imagination i thought of holding a British passport( I love my Indian passport clarifying just in case ),but the way things were going it looked like a possibility and then out of nowhere something happens and Im sitting here and writing this and not sleeping ( its 11:30 pm in London and i sleep around 9:30pm pssst).

To be honest , I didn’t know London was this amazing till last week 🙈.I am not the types who can comfortably live in a concrete jungle.I need windows ,lot of light and beautiful architecture around me.Even the buildings of London are so pretty.Everyone should live in Europe once to realise how beautiful it is. There is so much beauty around you all the time.I could just sit in a cafe for hours admiring the structure in front of me and I am no architect 😛 .

Things are going to change for sure , i might be writing a blog on USA ( praising it 😉)few years down the line . For now this is the reality , time to get back to books and Zillow .



7 thoughts on “The move!

  1. I can relate with this so much. I haven’t been to London and I love it already and there is nothing more sexier than British accent! I’m not a US fan especially in terms of fashion. I love English fashion.It’s just so proper, that you can help but love it.I’m sure moving every two years is not easy. Lots of goodluck to you!

  2. And not the forget the cooking bit. I am not working currently and feel exactly the same! I use to be the same when I was working. Im a morning person can’t sleep in the afternoons (which Indian people love btw). I miss being busy but at home I find myself busy still. Same thoughts EXACTLY. 😳😳

  3. The USA is huge and each city is unique. New York is in a league of its own in terms of fashion, food and culture. Having lived in London for many years, I can assure you that New York will not disappoint. As for the rest of the country,… 🙂

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