Bienvenido a casa !!

colored-saturated-9375Setting up a house in a new country is a very difficult task . Especially when you are uprooting yourself from a house you set just a couple of years back.

We moved into a slightly bigger apartment than London and on a higher floor . While most of the furniture is new , a lot of stuff has been picked up all over Europe ( sweet travel memories ) . So it doesn’t completely feel new and alien .

With a blank canvas, so to speak, we had the opportunity to add color and themes to the house as we liked; the intent was to make it a bit vibrant.  While we had a picture in mind the pieces to fill them in were not easy to find. After all, you have so many variables to consider, price, size, variants, and of course competing views of your better half. Hours of online browsing, many visits to stores and number of arguments later we put pieces together – one by one.

All set , this house feels like our home now and while there is nothing extraordinary about it , we do think we were able to finally accomplish the picture we had in mind within the constraints of the budget. This is also some initial bits for our plans before we fill in the rest when we move to a bigger house hopefully next year.


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