An Italian summer

For a smallish country, I found that Italy offers an wide array of experiences & landscapes – all incredibly charming in their own way.  Our itinerary had visits planned to Venice, Pisa, Florence and Manarola – panapoly of world famous Italian tourist destinations.

The cities of the worlds have certain commonality to them and the urbanisation often homogenises the experience of the city experience – even across different countries. Villages, on the other hand, preserve the uniqueness of the culture that is vastly different between countries. This holds true for Italian villages as we found out in arguably the most famous of them all – Cinque Terre . There is a calm , cozy and  a authentic feel to this place , away from the hustle bustle of city. To visit only Cinque Terre we first had to go to a city ( either Milan or Florence ) and then take a train.

While Manarola was laid back and relaxed ,Venice was super crowded  but we managed to  find our cozy corner . Most memorable moments of our trip were just sitting by the canals, binging on coffee and gelato and watching gondolas pass by.

There are always few precious moments which you take away from every trip . I have a list of my best morning , day time and night experiences from my travels . And my 2 best mornings happen to be from north Italy . I still remember waking up to the smell of freshly baked crossiants and walking up to that cafe to grab some  coffee , it was the only cafe open at 7.

It was an amazing short vacation , an impromptu mandatory trip before my new job  . I packed very light for it . I usually don’t carry many shoes but for this I carried 2 apart from my sneakers .

All the outfits are from Zara except the shirt dress and the printed crop top is from Stylista-Monica Dongre . Jewelry is from forever 21 and  Hnm.

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7 thoughts on “An Italian summer

  1. Italy is so pretty I totally agree with you! And girl, I can’t get enough of your outfits – they look all together stunning! Keep up the good work!
    Would be great if you’d check out my blog as well – I recently posted about the upcoming spring trends 🙂
    xoxo Larissa

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