San Fran !

34903550084_cd5991cdc9_oIMG_8298IMG_829635613843941_91f1e723d0_o35744967315_f248ca9db7_oEnlight197Enlight198Enlight200Enlight201Enlight202Enlight203Enlight204Enlight205Enlight206Enlight207Enlight208San Francisco is beautiful and is quite unique from other cities in the United States. It was a short trip and we decided to see as much as we could . Apart from the touristy stuff we had seen some pictures of Bernal heights park. The park has amazing views of the city and has a perfect instragammable swing, so we were definitely going there.There were hardly any people there and we were alone for quite sometime-the view was worth the hike which we could have avoided had we known the other route.We took a stroll around the area and it had such pretty houses,it reminded me of Notting hill.

San Fran is a bit nippy always.We got lucky and had some sunny days,but Karl the fog didn’t leave The Golden Gate. Being a long weekend it was pretty crowded as expected ,but I was determined to get some good shots without anyone spoiling the picture.

Lombard street had vehicles waiting to drive on the famous zig zag street . The walk up to it was tiring – the views and pretty houses took care of that .

Coming to the outfits ,I happened to order few outfits before this trip and they were fitting well with the SF weather. But an impromptu NYC trip spoilt that plan(they got delivered the day we left psssttt..) and I completely forgot about the SF weather whilst packing. I had sleeveless tops and poplin dresses which i just couldn’t wear in that cold and windy San Fran weather.Thankfully I had something to take care of the cold.

4 thoughts on “San Fran !

  1. Luv the pictures, great job making it seem like there is none eldse around though I’m sure there were hoards of people on long weekends πŸ‘πŸΌ. That sweatshirt, sneaker combo is so chic on you πŸ™‚

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