It’s sweatshirt weather ..

It’s getting cold in this part of the world.I am all set to cozy up in my sweatshirt and sweatpants with a cup of tea and some books.I love fall of all the seasons(spring is beautiful too but only till the time cherry blossoms are there and they are there for a very very short while) ,it’s beautiful and not so cold or hot.The world is suddenly full of bright orange colour,I have seen such pretty shades of orange and red in London and in Seattle too.I am going to be spamming you all with a lot of fall pictures.

Also I finally tried PSL, I am not quite sure if i like it or not. It was kind of smoky , i need to try it once more.I am shooting  a few fall looks will update you there .

I am wearing AnF’s sweatshirt ( you can buy it here) and AE’s sweatpants (you can buy here)


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