Pumpkin Picking

An improptu hike trip turned out to be just a farm visit. On the way to a hike we took a detour to visit this Pumpkin farm since it’s october and we are high on pumpkin in this part of the world.I was not at all dressed for a sunny and warm day,I was more prepared for cold mountains usually even when it’s sunny it’s not that hot . On any given day I would have loved the sun,but my clothes were warm for a sunny day and the light was too harsh for pictures.

Nonetheless we had fun ,it was my first visit to any pumpkin farm.October is so much fun ,looking forward to all the other drives and trips.My partner in crime clicked all the amazing pics . I love girl trips , I am glad I am getting to do a lot of that. Lot many fall foliage and beautiful scenic pictures to follow.

Outift details- Top (zara you can buy it here ) ,Coat ( zara- buy it here) Pants- (zara- buy it here ).




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