Fall obsessed

ED21D46F-1FC0-4B92-8558-52A8B60CEFCBProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetA68D01ED-B130-4B04-9584-EF8A30E4C22008C0D4DA-4EE4-43EB-9F71-F8D997801E89Processed with VSCO with m5 preset4E47C4FA-6878-4EA9-AEB4-5FBF11E17F5243D35530-8059-4167-A6D1-2BB863036F81307B813D-4F97-4922-AA59-65D93CAAF126I have a confession , I am seriously obsessed with fall . I cannot thank god enough for this beautiful season . Till about a couple of years I had only seen these beautiful colours in the movies and still at times call them mohabbetein leaves ( an inside joke till I saw these leaves and understood the yrf obsession with these leaves ).

I get ecstatic every time I step out and see these colours . It’s so magical whatever got into whoever created these trees I’m truly impressed and thankful . My Instagram family who haven’t seen fall and want to see these colours  I genuinely hope you get to experience this season .

This October was so much , there were a couple of firsts – from picking pumpkins 🎃  to seeing snow and fall come together. Celebrating my husbands birthday in a park and he agreed for it , well it was in November but we stil have fall colours. I love being outdoors and this season just makes me want to stay out take long walks ( I’m also called a walker ) ,and admire the beauty around me.

I also bought my first ever night suit and it’s a holiday season exclusive ( I never in my wildest dream would have imagined this )  , I was always against night suits but this was super cut , I can’t wait to share pictures my house is already all Christmasy. The holiday season has begun.Happy thanksgiving people !!


2 thoughts on “Fall obsessed

  1. Those pictures are giving me life babe…you are such a diva please visit my page and give your beautiful like and commenthttp://fashionpeopleandplaces.com/2017/11/23/how-to-wear-over-sized-sweaterand-look-effortlessly-beautiful and happy Thanksgiving love

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