Pants – latest trends

This season pants are trending . So many cool styles to choose , I have been struggling to keep up with the trend .

I am a total sucker for anything comfortable and stylish . You will always find me in a pair of sweatpants or  Culottes. Velour sweatpants look so good and are so soft , I can literally live in them and culottes super comfortable and chic.

Culottes are my fav ,and  culottes with metallic buttons look uber chic . Culottes are more for comfy outings and running errands but Culottes with metallic buttons can be  party wear when paired with the right top.

The other pants that totally had me are plaid track pants with stripes . I mean who could imagine they would look so stylish .

All these pants are so comfortable and stylish at the same point . I can wear any of these pants  for a coffee with friends as well as  for a meeting with a client or for an event .

When it’s too cold I wear fleece leggings under them , it works better than leggings under denim for me.

What’s your fav trend,let me know..



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