Menstrual cramps

A taboo topic which has been getting a lot of lime light off late . I’m not going to post any picture of me here holding anything , instead I’m going to share some tricks which help me tackle the pain  and the discomfort.

The menstrual cycle includes at least a few days of uncomfortable symptoms — including menstrual cramps.Menstrual bleeding is a sign the uterus is shedding its lining, something that occurs monthly for many women of reproductive age. The contractions that help this process are responsible for the pain of menstrual cramps. Hormones called prostaglandins trigger the contractions and the resulting discomfort.

I used to take pain killers during periods like a drug addict . I couldn’t do without them . I have puked have been in a lot of discomfort many times and it never got better . I used to feel dizzy drowsy coz of these pain killers but I couldn’t do with them . I once overdosed myself and puked on the streets , and had to suffer the pain coz I couldn’t have any more painkillers .

I had had  enough of those painkillers and decided not to have them anymore and I haven’t had them since a couple of years , I still keep them .

I exercise , I eat healthy , I avoid caffeine and oily food a few days before my periods . The one thing which has worked like magic is abdominal exercises , I do them everyday coz the thought of the pain scares me . I make sure I do them everyday for 10 min if not for more . I push myself more before my periods , I literally make them ache so I don’t have menstrual cramps . This has worked wonderfully for me , if I have any pain I use a heating pad I don’t need those painkillers anymore .

I am not against painkillers infact I am a person with the lowest pain threshold and can’t tolerate any discomfort . I will still have a painkiller if I have any discomfort or pain . I just thought of trying few things  I thought might work for me and they did see what works for your body listen to your body .

I know exercising works for anyone so Girls please exercise push yourself . Eat healthy keep yourself hydrated . If there are any tricks which work for you please share them with me .


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