Hospital bag

Giving birth was one of the most difficult thing I have done till now in my entire life . I was very nervous throughout my pregnancy, very unlike me . The thought of not knowing what’s going inside my body almost gave me panic attacks a lot of times . I dreaded the day so much that I kept delaying everything ,as if it won’t happen unless I’m ready .

I packed my hospital bag almost at the last moment . I wasn’t sure what had to be packed and saw a lot of YouTube videos and asked around a lot .

I packed what I thought I would need but seriously even if you end up being in the hospital without a hospital bag in the USA you would be fine .

The hospital provides you with almost everything – diapers , swaddles,pads , underwears, diapers rash cream ( everything you think you would need for you and your baby are provided by the hospital) . The only things you need to pack are –

– Toiletries

– Dress for leaving the hospital

-Baby’s clothes and blanket


– Mobile charger


A lot of ladies said they wanted to be in their own robe once they gave birth , so I bought a robe which i didn’t use at all . Hospital gown is the comfiest when you are in that state and I didn’t care what I was wearing how I was looking at that point of time , I could barely move . You could carry your own robe / nursing gown , every delivery is different and if you don’t like hospital gowns you might actually use yours .

If your partner is staying with you , he needs to pack a change of clothes , slippers , and some snacks . I was pushing till 11 in the night and everything was closed after 12 , my husband had finished all his snacks by then . So a lot of snacks or ask people to get food .

If you are like me and are overthinking and confused , take a deep breath even if you don’t carry a hospital bag you would be fine . Your partner can fetch you fresh clothes and baby’s clothes . That’s all you need and a car seat it can’t be packed but I think that’s the only thing you should worry about .

So relax and enjoy it all gets over before you realize , trust me .


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