First time mom

As a first time mom your head is probably exploding with questions like are you doing the right thing ?? How many times do you feed your baby ? To co sleep or not ?

It’s difficult to find answers to all these questions. You are probably doing the right thing but you are not sure and you don’t know whom to ask unless you know someone who has babies .

I would suggest talk to them .. read forums seriously helps what works for them might not work for you . So talking and reading helps and then you can decide what works for you .

You would need help when you come home from the hospital . Your baby would be sleeping for most of the time for 2 weeks they just get up when they are hungry . You would need help for cooking ,laundry and with the baby . I am lucky my husband turns out is amazing at being a parent and helps a lot . All I did when I came home was sleep ,pump and feed the baby . Take proper rest coz you won’t be able to sleep at night and you need proper sleep and rest to recover .

Sleep – the second question is do you co sleep or not ? I was skeptical about co sleeping and I was too scared to pick up the baby from the crib at night . I read a lot , talked to people and decided to co sleep . I got a snuggle me baby lounger coz I was scared to sleep with her( what if I put my hand on her , what if I roll on her ) . It worked out fine for us , she had her own mini bed and it kind of created a barrier between us . Also ,if you want take turns with your partner to sleep with the baby , so not everyone is sleep deprived .

To swaddle or not – swaddling is great , it calms the baby down . We swaddled her for a month then she started hating it , so we had to stop .

Breastfeeding/ pumping– Breast milk is the best for the milk . But soemtimes you are not able to produce that much milk and I know a lot of moms feel sad if they are not able to breastfeed or produce enough milk .I think feeding your baby is the most important thing be it formula or breast milk . There are lactation consultants , green tea , oatmeal , cookies etc that might help . But in my opinion don’t stress yourself coz that wouldn’t help at all .

Last but not the least , the big day delivering the baby –

You wouldn’t have the time to realize what’s happening, trust me there’s so much happening that time just flies . I was very nervous about the day and we had no help but it was very smooth . The nurses are really helpful , take help from them and learn from them . We had no sleep for 24 hours and had no time to even call anyone , it is that busy . Trust me time will just fly so don’t think about it all.

Take a camera with you and take lot of pics , I know you wouldn’t in your best condition but trust me you would love those pictures .

Feel free to ask any questions . Also suggestions are welcome .

Congratulations 🎉!!

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