Menstrual cramps

A taboo topic which has been getting a lot of lime light off late . I’m not going to post any picture of me here holding anything , instead I’m going to share some tricks which help me tackle the pain  and the discomfort. The menstrual cycle includes at least a few days of uncomfortable … More Menstrual cramps

Unique places to do yoga around the world !

Seattle – Yoga under glass It happens twice a month.It’s a wonderful experience to do yoga in this beautiful glass house.You also get to see the glass garden after the yoga session. Tickets can be bought here –Chihuly tickets. Colarado-Red rocks Amphitheatre. Yoga on the rocks happens every summer. Tickets available online here - (image … More Unique places to do yoga around the world !

MAC RiRi Woo

Finally I got my hands on this one.I had read and heard a lot about Rihanna’s MAC collection.I did not know that when I would actually own this but now yooohoooo..So a few visits and  calls to the MAC store turned out to be fruitful .The Holiday collection was launched in december in USA and … More MAC RiRi Woo

Precautions for people with Low Back Pain !!

Given I am a Physiotherapist,I am often inundated with queries regarding LBP(low back pain).It’s impossible to diagnose over a call or an email and tell the treatment.There are different types of LBP and the treatment varies with it too.So, I thought of penning down some general precautions for back pain. A little Introduction to Spine-It is made of small bones called vertebrae, … More Precautions for people with Low Back Pain !!

Maybelline-Colossal kajal and Volum’Express Hyper Curl Mascara!!

I stopped using kajal long back.I had tried almost all smudge free kajal but all gave me Panda eyes,pssstttt.Furstated,I stopped using kajal altogether.But the love for kajal with eyes made me always try all the new kajals in the town.Since,everyone was raving about the colossal kajal I was tempted to try it ,I needed a push and got one at a party … More Maybelline-Colossal kajal and Volum’Express Hyper Curl Mascara!!

Nail Buffer-Sephora

Nail Buffing is the act of polishing the nail using buffers to make the nails shinier.It has to be done with buffing cream or oil but lot of brands have come up with buffer that are self-sufficient and fuss free.The buffer is a big rectangular block which looks likes a big eraser.The SA at Seacret did a demo on … More Nail Buffer-Sephora