Eggless tiramisu..

Few desserts seem so exotic and are so simple to make.Never realised tiramisu was one of those.First try and got it almost right.I used simple ingredients since it was my first trial. I used the ingredients available in my kitchen. Ingredients-2 medium sized bowls of Vanilla Custard(make it slightly thicker),hung curd (half a bowl) which … More Eggless tiramisu..

Peanut Shake!!

Do you like peanuts??If yes,then you would love this shake. All you need is a handful of roasted peanuts(100 gm),2 cups of milk,condensed milk,peanut butter and a blender. Method- Make a powder of peanuts(remove the skin).Do not make it too powdery. In a Jar add milk,1tbsp of peanut butter and condensed milk(4-6  tbsp),you can put sugar … More Peanut Shake!!

Elaneer Souffle!!

Valentine’s Day is not far away and we thought of making something sweet for this loovey-doovey day.Easy and yum coconut pudding is quite famous in South India.I tried it and instantly fell in love with this dessert.When i thought of making something this is the first thing that came to my mind. So here are the … More Elaneer Souffle!!