The Pampered Muslimah!!

Sarah an elementary school teacher does her stationery and accessories business in her spare time. Obsessed with stationery,she has a huge collection of pens,pencils,cards,notebooks etc. which continues to grow. It was this obsession and love for stationery that made her start this beautiful journey. It was only last year ,while decorating for Ramadan she realised … More The Pampered Muslimah!!

Ripped jeans-DIY

Ripped jeans DIY- Things needed- An old pair of jeans Scissors Make 2 cuts horizontally depending on the area you want to be ripped. Now remove the blue threads patiently , do not fiddle with the white ones.     Rip it as much as you want.:)

DIY curtain!!

I am back with an interesting DIY this time inspired by block printing. I was looking around for some new curtains, of course a bit colorful and lively ,and I couldn’t  find anywhere.Since neon is so in these days I was looking for something on those lines.When I couldn’t find what I was looking, I decided to make them on my own. Material required-All … More DIY curtain!!

Handpainted shoes!!

Hi guys, Here is another DIY. While our need for footwear is unlimited, unfortunately, cash is not :). What we are talking about is saving cash customised footwear and the satisfaction of self-creation. Things needed-Bata shoes,Fabric paint,brush.  Wash the shoes and let them dry.Then you can draw any design you would like to paint with the help of a … More Handpainted shoes!!

Toothpick Holder-DIY

The toothpicks I recently picked up came in a very sad holder,I knew I had to do something about it.I made a toothpick holder which is pretty and easy to make. All you need is-A small jar(the size of the toothpicks),laces and fevibond.  I had picked up this pink fabric tape in Tokyo.I used the fabric tape  to cover the … More Toothpick Holder-DIY

A crafty afternoon!!

Last sunday I attended an exhibition   by a talented bunch of people – crafters,painters,artistes..My eyes were wide open in surprise as I moved from one stall to the other.I relaised I had a smile on throughout the exhibition with joy, seeing so many cute little things so much talent at one place. The moment I entered I knew … More A crafty afternoon!!