Smoothie Love!!

Here are few of my fav easy to make smoothies- 1)Go Green smoothie- Ingredients- 1 bowl of Kale leaves(no stems),1 bowl of Spinach leaves,1 banana,half apple,half a glass of orange juice.Make sure everything is cold,and banana is frozen.You don’t want to water down your smoothie with ice cubes.You can experiment by adding a few more … More Smoothie Love!!

Designer dinnerware

Food looks even better when served on a designer piece of crockery.I have seen my mom collecting some gorgeous pieces,from floral to quirky they all look gorgeous. Corelle, laopala are few of the brands known to the Indian household.Home centre,Westside and Home stop have been coming up with some beautiful dinnerware as well.I get tempted … More Designer dinnerware

Thai Green Curry(veg)!!

I just love Thai green curry and cannot have enough of it.Never been able to try it out ,coz of some reason or the other.So today when I had almost all the ingredients,I finally tried it out.Believe it or not it turned out just the way they serve in all those fine dinning restaurants. Ingredients Since it’s green curry,you … More Thai Green Curry(veg)!!

Bubble Tea!!

Bubble tea is very popular these days especially in Asia.Bubble tea, also known as pearl milk tea or boba milk tea, is a Taiwanese tea-based drink.Most of the bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed with fruit or milk. They usaully come with small chewy tapioca balls commonly called “pearls”or “boba”. This is the basic bubble … More Bubble Tea!!

Split bengal gram salad!!

Here is another very easy,quick to make,healthy and fresh salad.Very easy and quick to make,anyone who does not know to cook at all,can make this one. All you need for this-Boiled chana dal(split bengal gram)-1 bowl, 1Finely chopped onion,tomato,cucumber(optional),mint leaves and for seasoning some freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt to taste. Procedure-Boil the chana dal … More Split bengal gram salad!!

Precautions for people with Low Back Pain !!

Given I am a Physiotherapist,I am often inundated with queries regarding LBP(low back pain).It’s impossible to diagnose over a call or an email and tell the treatment.There are different types of LBP and the treatment varies with it too.So, I thought of penning down some general precautions for back pain. A little Introduction to Spine-It is made of small bones called vertebrae, … More Precautions for people with Low Back Pain !!

Palak Panner!!

I always enjoyed the Palak Paneer served in restaurants and of course the one made by my mum but never had the courage to try all by myself.I have been trying a lot of recipes which have cottage cheese,So I gathered all my courage and took the plunge.I always thought the recipe would be a very complicated one but … More Palak Panner!!