Does cooking make vegetables lose nutrition? ?

So the other day I started reading about vegetables and does heating them make lose the essential nutrition. ..I came across some interesting information. .. The common method of cooking used are boiling, steaming, frying, roasting. .. The University of Parma in Italy analyzed boiling, steaming and frying to determine the effects these methods have … More Does cooking make vegetables lose nutrition? ?

Manipal Diaries!!

Vivid memories of KMC,Mangalore!! 1)The first impression-Amazing campus with apron clad boys and girls all over.You already feel like a doc here. 2)The jhataka-ThereĀ are 2 campuses and you are going to be in the Mangalore campus and not the Manipal one. 3)The first question that you ask-Is there any way, you can get a transferĀ to … More Manipal Diaries!!

Baking delight!!

Have you ever baked in your life,if not you have to try it trust me.Baking is an art and an addiction.The sheer sight of watching the dough fluff up and turn golden is such a delight.You would jump with excitement the first time you see your bread turn golden :).The aroma fills up the whole … More Baking delight!!

Ocean salt-Lush

Finally I found a scrub that really works.After years of using scrub of almost all the brands,I couldn’t find the one for me šŸ˜› Here I present to you the one for me-Ocean salt facial scrub. I have tried many scrubs in the past and all worked the same; so at some point I just … More Ocean salt-Lush

My new headphones!!

Hola friends, Now,who does not like music.I love listening to music especially while travelling.I had been doing a lot of research off late on headphones sinceĀ I was planning to buy one.Finally i got Panasonic’sRP-DJS200-W. Ā I am truly,madly and deeply in love with my new headphones. Reasons why IĀ boughtĀ it-Good sound quality,Lightweight,Foldable,Inexpensive,looks super cool and INR 1499 … More My new headphones!!

What I shopped from ChatuChak market,Bangkok!!

I never believed in love at first sight until iĀ visited this place.It was love at first sight for me šŸ˜› .ChatuchakĀ  weekend market is myĀ favouriteĀ place to shop when in Bangkok.The place offers a wide variety of range to shop,right from clothes to antiques to pets ( yes from dogs, cats to rabbits)Ā Ā at affordable prices. It … More What I shopped from ChatuChak market,Bangkok!!